InBizness Property Manager 3.0 InBizness Property Manager is designed to be powerful but not overloaded with features that confuse. We targeted the following information areas building and unit management,  tenants, work orders, activities, rent payments, work orders and staff!

What if you need other modules or customizations to the existing modules? InBizness Property Manager is an open framework FileMaker application. That means you can adjust layout screens, add fields, write scripts or even build new relationships between modules! We have not added any technology other than pure basic FileMaker 10 or higher design. If you have read and understand the $99 FileMaker Training Series manual, you should have no problem modifying all aspects of InBizness Property Manager. You can also select from hundreds of authorized FileMaker developers to help you out ... including ... myself!

Below you will find a series of links that will open up snapshots from InBizness Property Manager in a new browser window.